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User Feedback
on Facebook

Awesome David, this is a big time saver. Thumbs up.

@Strahinja Ž. //
A user on facebook

Very helpful plugin. Great job

@Igor Z. //
A user on facebook

Nice one: Just have a try … I like it

@Alekos //
A user on facebook

Nice! Thank you!

@George I. //
A user on facebook

Thank you David for this big help for developers.

@Strahinja Ž. //
A user on facebook

Great plugin, just installed and works great on our LearnDash, Elementor, Astra site. Thanks David!

@Paul W. P. //
A user on facebook

Just discovered Elementor Pro in the last few days and now THIS! Great add-on for site design workflow. Thanks for all the work on this great plugin!

@Alex //
A user on facebook

Hey david! great plugin, I love it!

@Moses //
A user on facebook
User Tweets from Twitter

Quick shoutout to @deckerweb and his software tool “Toolbar extras”
Great piece of coding for a noob like me to use with ease.
#elementor #wordpress #Website #Webdesign

Cheers David 👍

@WeCreatedfun //

Thanks you @deckerweb for adding support for @happyformsHQ to your Toolbar Extras #WordPress #plugin 😊 👍

@happyformsHQ //

Great admin toolbar, very useful and save a lot of time 🤩 tested and approved 👍 Let the #WordPress #Toolbar work for you – with Toolbar Extras #plugin: https://toolbarextras.com Perfect for site-builders via @deckerweb

@granges_ca //
User Feedback
on YouTube

Wonderful David. Thank you so much for creating this plugin. Very much appreciated 👍🏻

@Darron Saunders //
★★★★★ Reviews on WordPress.org

The plugin already got 180 five-star reviews and counting


This is probably the most useful free plug-in ever made, and it’s beautifully coded.

@fbalino //
User on WordPress.org
Dank je wel

two thumbs up…keep up the good work

@jodorgu //
User on WordPress.org
Wow – Special Admin Menu is Just what I wanted

I love the Special Admin Menu feature. What a time saver to be able to link to Admin pages directly.

@responsiveuk //
User on WordPress.org
Great tool

It just works

@robpftascomau //
User on WordPress.org

user friendly

@coreherb37 //
User on WordPress.org

This plugin was done EXTREMELY well. Puts everything right at the admin or creators fingertips. Organizes things logically and efficiently. Easy to find menu items instead of that massive mess that WP has on the left side toolbar. Very well done. Any other plugins from this gentleman, I will be installing them.

@falcondfw //
User on WordPress.org
I like it very much

Very helpful tool and time saver.
Thank you.

@aleksandartalic //
User on WordPress.org
Powerful and easy tool


@mrdrwi //
User on WordPress.org
Very nice tool

If you’re an Elementor user too, try it.

@sabrecho //
User on WordPress.org
First class plugin, as always

Thanks for this great plugin and all your FREE contributions for the community!

@jacklinkers //
User on WordPress.org
Turbina o Elementor

Excelente plugin para melhorar a performance do Elementor.

@robertosilveira //
User on WordPress.org
Very useful Plugin

Not much to say other than it really helps you speed up the workflow in WP. Very custimazible and easy to use.

Oh ….and its still free:-)

@danstanley //
User on WordPress.org

for me a must. Danke für dieses tolle Plugin !

@rogerwolf //
User on WordPress.org
Making life so much easier

Great plugins from DECKERWEB are all very great to use.
It makes everything so much easier to expand to other languages.

@mcjohnlj //
User on WordPress.org
Helpful and relieable

Works perfect

@richyw //
User on WordPress.org
Very Useful

Really great tool. Super useful, customizable. Time Saver

@Jason Janes //
User on WordPress.org

Great time-saver

@xxpressions //
User on WordPress.org
Very helpful

A really “must-have-tool” for WP-Admins, makes a lot of work such easier and much more comfortable finding all related links and tools. Thx for this great job David, kr Franz.

@pixelturm //
User on WordPress.org
Nice tool

intuitive and not too geeky. Has all the important knobs and not so important knobs easily accessible, making configuration less of a chore.

@Edward V //
User on WordPress.org
Super Plugin

Having all these useful shortcuts in your admin bar saves a lot of clicks and loading time. It is really worth it to install this toolbar. There is a link to the tour video packaged with this plugin which tells you about all the features. Don’t even think about installing this plugin. Just install it. By far the most useful and diverse plugin you will ever find. Neat and organized. All we can hope for is installing a plugin that doesn’t break anything. This one is expertly crafted with zero conflicts, zero issues and a ton of features. From normal user to developer, this suits everybody. You can rest assured you will not regret your installation of Toolbar Extras. Absolutely astounding work by David Decker…

@zahost //
User on WordPress.org
Stylish website even more

this plugin makes my website more stylish.keep up an excellent work.

@nabilfakhrihafandi //
User on WordPress.org


@marisol77 //
User on WordPress.org
Very Good Assistant Package

The plugin is very impressive and intuitive. Plenty of options with lots of room to expand.

@rdj5678 //
User on WordPress.org
Easy to use and intuitive!

Toolbar Extras for Elementor is proving itself more every time I use it. Thanks for taking the time to create a great plugin!

@wchoa //
User on WordPress.org
Very useful

A must for all Oxygen users!

@marceli78 //
User on WordPress.org
Great Plugin

Great Job, So Helpful.

@raphuket //
User on WordPress.org
must have

for oxygen developers – a must install

@tlawork //
User on WordPress.org
Great Plugin

Very usefull.

@wiwid2015 //
User on WordPress.org
Speeds up navigation and site building!

A really must-have plugin to save time on website building and navigation. With huge list of plugins supported this will make life easier. Thanks a lot David!

@phpbits //
User on WordPress.org

It makes my click to go much better. In a lifetime, should get me 30 millions click less… TKS

@michelluca //
User on WordPress.org
Great plugin

Very pleased with this plugin!

@larrya c. //
User on WordPress.org
Excellent Plugin

A very useful plugin to have when developing.

@deonbze //
User on WordPress.org
Very Handy

Very Handy plugin to speed up your workflow. Thank you!

@miekevanzachts //
User on WordPress.org
This is a Must have for a Noob like me

never heard the saying you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
12-month noob here, this is one of my first plug-ins over installed I didn’t even know.
I thought the toolbar was just standard on WordPress. on one of the many occasions of my website completely going upside down inside out I accidentally deleted the plug-in.
For the next week on and off I scoured the Internet to find out how to turn it back on but to no avail. Then another time that I was restoring from backup as my website was completely upside down and inside out and bam it was back.

just to recap. This plug-in is good

I’m only just testing it but I’d also recommend Admin Page Spider 😉

@godsdoctor //
User on WordPress.org
Helpful Tool

These plugins come in very handy during development.

@blairw //
User on WordPress.org
Very Helpful

This plugin makes finding Elementor stuff much faster.

@John S. //
User on WordPress.org
Awesome time-saver

When David introduced me to this helpful plugin I never thought it came in handy so much. Since I build websites in Elementor (sometimes 3-4/week) this plugin is a real time-saver. Thumbs up David, keep up a good work.

@Strahinja Zivkovic //
User on WordPress.org

This is awesome. I didn’t know I needed this until I took the time to watch the developer’s video and then played around with the toolbar and its settings.

What a gift. Thank you so much for sharing this with the community!

@denvergeeks //
User on WordPress.org
Great plugin.

Very very helpful tool. Now everything is quickly accessible.

@cadiz //
User on WordPress.org
Works perfectly

Makes the dev process far quicker.

@mikeallteams //
User on WordPress.org
Worth every minute of learning it

If you work on WP more than twice a month, this plug-in will quickly become one of your favorites. As all designers & programmers know, one less keystroke or mouse click adds up. Toolbar Extras does a great job of striving for that goal. Thanks for a great plug-in David Decker.

@heyscotg //
User on WordPress.org
Excellent idea…

avoid going back and forth between the desk with its drop-down sidebar.
Thank you very much … Very useful !!

@Jorihlen //
User on WordPress.org

great tool

@msroguesa //
User on WordPress.org
A Must Plugin

Adds so much more functionality

@eddspress //
User on WordPress.org
Good job!

Good job guys!

@florestourclub //
User on WordPress.org
What a great plugin!

This is one of the few must have plugins. The developer is constantly seeking to improve it and responds quickly if ever needed.

@MBExpo //
User on WordPress.org
Great tool!

Really useful.

I would love to see more admin toolbar related features (add, remove, etc), as there are already some, but doesn’t cover all options.

But what it does it does well!

@reelism //
User on WordPress.org
Perfect Tool

you don’t now what you’re missing if you don’t have it seen. I stongly recomenond it to evry WP Admin. It’s just great

@Ka Tho Ba //
User on WordPress.org
Really optimizes the workflow

Very well done, plenty of options and many of my favorite tools like Updraft, Elementor and Astra are already linked in. It really optimizes the workflow and in combination with the “Admin Page Spider Pro Pack”, jumping around in admin is finally efficient and fun.

Thank you very much for this excellent and free plugin.

Best regards from Germany,

@Manuel //
User on WordPress.org
Great tool

Yep. Another tool to make my WP life easier! Thanks

@ericadyson //
User on WordPress.org

Easy and gives perfect platform to build your own blogs. Good plugins. Satisfied. Thank you.

@avronenterprise //
User on WordPress.org
Love it!!

Fantastic plugin!!

@trump3t3r //
User on WordPress.org
works like a charm;

It is nice and works like a charm. Having most of the options in one place is great too!

@elisante //
User on WordPress.org
Must have!

Very nice and easy to use, perfect!

@dgtlns //
A user on facebook
Very useful and smart.

Useful and smart utility plugin.

@jvascomarques //
User on WordPress.org

good plugin

@alekswar //
User on WordPress.org
Tolles Plugin

Eine echte Unterstützung. Super, Danke!!!

@ifrog9 //
User on WordPress.org

It grants even for noobs like me easy and direct access.

@hikingtom //
User on WordPress.org
Highly recommended

Great plugin by a great guy! Very helpful for power users.

@seothemes //
User on WordPress.org
Easy easy easy

really easy way to make a page

@ramiz //
User on WordPress.org
great plugin

handy plugin

@littlepeople //
A user on facebook
All the goodies in the toolbar!

Really nice addon to make your WP-life easy and comfortable. All the necessary links are bundled in the toolbar and that makes navigating between the different parts of your WP Admin a lot easier. Once you’ve mastered it and maintain the habit of using the toolbar, it becomes indispensable for quick and easy access to all the different parts of your Admin area. Very well done!

@Dirk DV //
User on WordPress.org
Very helpful

Great tool. Makes things much easier

@gapoz53 //
User on WordPress.org
Eases the management of plugins

For me, that I do a lot with plugins, especially when I’m developing new ones, I feel a need to increase my productivity. Some common options like to go directly to the plugin store page was some that I added that is of great usefulness!

@digitalfisherman //
User on WordPress.org
Very useful plugin

Thanks for the timesaving plugin. Very good job!

@acornavi //
User on WordPress.org
Perfect support

thx for your job

@nokam //
User on WordPress.org
Nice Tool

Big time saver

@Jorge I. //
User on WordPress.org
SO useful!!!

A great help and customizable too!

@mikesale //
User on WordPress.org

nice tool

@finde //
User on WordPress.org
Easy and direct access to features

Highly recommended. The multi-level menu approach will remind you of site elements to explore and automate.

@box160 //
User on WordPress.org


@mwavellc //
User on WordPress.org
A real time saver

Works well

@tom m. //
User on WordPress.org
Very useful

This plugin makes it much easier to navigate the backend of wordpress.

@brinkley //
User on WordPress.org
Superb & VERY Useful

As well crafted as it is useful and time saving.

Very complete and simply getting better with each release – which is hard to believe since it was fantastic upon release.

A significant contribution to the WordPress community and usefulness of Elementor.

Well done !

@Robert D. //
User on WordPress.org
This plugin is a excellent

thanh you

@tranquoc //
User on WordPress.org
Time saver

Quick time saving plugin. Get’s work done really fast. Keep it up good sir. Good work.

@Timpure //
User on WordPress.org
Pure Excellence And Professionalism

An Excellent Plugin And A Must Have For Every Website

@the-mix-masters //
User on WordPress.org
Sehr alltagstaugliches tool

sehr alltagstaugliches tool, das den den anwender sehr schnell zum gewünschten programmpunkt portiert, ohne zusätzlichem zeitaufwand. danke!
mit freundlichen grüßen
erich herkner

@eh9220 //
User on WordPress.org

Best plugin of it’s kind

@bokwenic //
A user on facebook

very useful
thank you

@fabiobra //
User on WordPress.org
I Like the elements disposition.

Is nice to see the elements at wordpress top toolbar, good job.

@seowebmx //
A user on facebook
Simply brilliant

Simply brilliant, nothing to add… 😉

@chapolote //
User on WordPress.org

This really is a great plugin. It adds what the standard wordpress admin is so sadly lacking.

@bagebi //
User on WordPress.org
Great Plugin

Very useful plugin.

@feriehytta //
User on WordPress.org
Vielen Dank!

Sehr hilfreich! Erleichtert die tägliche Arbeit!

@sensum //
User on WordPress.org
Very Useful 🙂


@AppleTiger //
User on WordPress.org
Great little plugin

Does what is sets out to do, and does it so well.

@PressTeddy //
User on WordPress.org
Powerful tool

It really is one of the most complete plugins and they receive continuous periodic updates taking into account that it is totally free.

@noriaki //
User on WordPress.org
Kicky little tool!

Handy for use and no flip outs or page hangs!

@thrivebiz //
User on WordPress.org
Astonishingly Useful

I don’t leave many reviews but I had to rate this plugin. I’ve used David’s other plugins in the past and they’ve always been solid. This one knocks it out of the park. I can’t imagine how much time I am going to save not having to click through multiple screens to get to where I need to be. Seriously, if you build sites on a regular basis you owe it to yourself to get this plugin. Thanks David!

@adamsts //
User on WordPress.org
Плагин класс!

Очень хороший плагин!

@zdaevskaya //
User on WordPress.org
Effective, with great support

So nice to have these links handy up top. I had a problem related to my site hosting (WordPress.com), and the developer not only answered quickly but proactively acted beyond to find a solution for me. As someone not new to open source but pretty new to WordPress, I can’t think of a better welcome.

@Laura //
User on WordPress.org
Very nice plug!

Make my life so easy …

@jeebeezebee //
User on WordPress.org
Great Plug!

Great so far!!! I will certainly donate to your cause! great dev!!!

@fabidev //
User on WordPress.org
Cool Plugin to make things a little easier

Really useful when developing in my local environment.

@p4fbradjohnson //
User on WordPress.org
Excellent Plugin

A brilliant way to organize the WordPress toolbar. I especially love the ability to create a customizable Quick Links menu item right in the toolbar.

@thegoodshepherd //
User on WordPress.org
Thanks for making these plugins

Plugin has made my job really easy.

@bloggerdream297 //
User on WordPress.org
Very handy plugin

So handy, it help to reduce all the mess on my admin bar menu

@julienckjm //
User on WordPress.org
Wow – Handles almost anything 🙂

Great vision and solution for making access easier for frequently used processes, tools – great vision – thanks!

@Al Harji //
User on WordPress.org
Very Useful

I use it on all my WordPress sites. Makes it easier to do customizations and edits. A real time saver.

@flippeters //
User on WordPress.org
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