Plugin Stats 4th Month – Toolbar Extras on August 8th, 2018

Whoa, now already four months in, and it still feels like an adventure that has just begun.

Active Installs: 3,000+

Thanks to you, we already reached the next milestone with 3,000 active installs. Today, we are around 3,300 already. Wow, this is something! And, we only needed 30 and half day this time, that’s nine days less than for the last milestone. Really, really amazing. The growth is constant every day and every week. While the percentage numbers are going down a bit, the absolute numbers are even growing. Currently we are adding more than 200 new users a week. Again, thanks to you!

5-Star Reviews: 20

Wow again: that’s seven (!) more 5-star reviews compared to four weeks ago. Your feedback is the best motivation for me to keep things going – and, it helps rank the plugin better in the Plugin Directory. — Share the love, write your own review now!

Releases: 13 Versions

In the last four weeks there were exactly two releases: two minor versions in the 1.3.x branch of Toolbar Extras. Version 1.3.2 could easily have been a major version but it features no new setting options so I decided to let it as a “maintenance” release. But it extended the plugin and (child) theme support a lot again. Now Toolbar Extras integrates with all major visual form builders, and even some newcomers. Really incredible stuff to check out for you.

Facebook User Group: 206 Members

I am happy for everyone who joins the group, this time we got 27 new members, compared to four weegs ago. And the great thing, some members also contacted me with feedback and some feature requests for the plugin. This is great stuff – thanks for taking your time to share your thoughts, really appreciated!

Plugin Support: 190

31 new plugins were added in one version alone (v1.3.2), that’s a lot. All in all that is nearly 200 with which Toolbar Extras integrates now. Something for everyone is in there. And I will not stop to add more integrations. I’ve got a lot new ideas in the last weeks. So, there is enough work for rest of the year to do ūüėČ

Theme Support: 74

Version 1.3.2 also brought support for 12 new Genesis child themes with it. Now the plugin integrates with all top sellers from StudioPress and the community from the last two years. In the next versions a lot more (parent) themes will be added, also themes which were requested by users.

Knowledge Base Articles: 40

The knowledge base grows slowly but steadily. We now have a lot of topics covered and more will follow. One interesting new article is about the usage of Toolbar Extras for Business account types.

As always, thank you for all your support so far, you are making a plugin developer very happy.

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