Toolbar Extras Crossed 15,000 Active Installs

Again, I am happy to announce that my flagship plugin, Toolbar Extras, is now installed on more than 15,000 websites. This amazing growth happened in about 4 (four!) months after the last milestone. Whoa, it feels so incredible ūüėÄ

You may wonder how I can announce such a number, that is nowhere to be found in the wordpress-dot-org statistics? Good question, but the answer is simple, as this number can be easily calculated by the weekly published growth rate. And that is all I did here.

I can only but thank all users, agencies, developers, site builders who use my plugin and trust in it daily. This is the driving force behind my commitment to make it even better in future versions. Have a great time, be happy, and get more productive. …to have more time in your life for the things that really matter!

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