Plugin Analytics – Toolbar Extras on May 7th, 2018

Wow, what a first month with Toolbar Extras plugin!

I am blown away by the feedback of its users and by the first numbers coming in. I had high hopes but the users already did know better and surprised with stuff I never had dreamed about. Again, just consider, this plugin is roughly four weeks into the public.

Active Installs: 600+

Whoa, this is huge. Its sister plugin also has 600+ installs currently – but it is 6 years on the market. Ok, it was not maintained for four long years, I get that. Still, I am so happy you guys are trying out my plugin and actually using it.

5-Star Reviews: 7

THANK YOU!!! Seven 5-star reviews, and what the users wrote got me to tears. I translated them for my wife and we were so happy. It is the best encouragement for a developer if the users finds it useful and expresses that in an authentic way. Thanks again you site-builders out there, you guys rock and make a difference!

Releases: 7 Versions

Two major releases – v1.0.0 and v1.1.0 – plus five minor maintenance releases. So, some refinements happened already as you can see, and some more are on the way. Plus, some new features too, that means a few new settings, new smart tweaks, extended theme and plugin support mostly.

Facebook User Group: 79 Members

I only did announce the group once but new users permanently come and want to join. Awesome stuff! It’s a great way to actually get in contact with the users of the plugin. Can only recommend this to any plugin developer who is on facebook. Should have done that years ago already with my other, older plugins…

Plugin Support: 105

Yes, already 105 third-party plugins are supported by or integrated with Toolbar Extras. Included in that number are 36 Elementor-specific add-on plugins. This will further grow over time – for sure! 🙂

Theme Support: 28

Also this number is huge: I was not aware that so many themes are out there that specifically or “naturally” support Elementor or are considered Elementor-friendly. While the number of themes is huge it is also clear that this number will never become the same as those for the plugin support. Both are completely different things. Still, expect a few more great themes to be added over time – the next bunch is already prepared or planned.

Translations: 1 (2)

This is the only number that could be higher, right? But again, it’s just one month in :). So it’s one language beyond the default (which is English), and that one is of course German. The “2” just stands for the two language variants that are common and used in German-speaking Europe: informal (default) and formal version. — I would love to see more translations to be added by the community but I guess this will happen.

Knowledge Base Articles: 24

That means each and every FAQ from wordpress dot org plugin page is here to find, but in most cases extended already, plus a lot more info already. And more articles will follow – for sure.

So, thank you for all your support so far, you are making a plugin developer very happy.

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