Toolbar Extras is Now Used By More Than 10,000 Site Builders

I am so happy to announce that my flagship plugin, Toolbar Extras, is now installed on more than 10,000 websites. This amazing growth happened in just 11 months 😀 which is an awesome achievement for a special plugin only or mostly used by administrators.

In other words, more than 10,000 Site Builders already trust in Toolbar Extras to save them more time and make them more productive in their daily work with WordPress. That is just super awesome and makes Toolbar Extras really special. It is the only plugin of its kind (regardless of my other Toolbar-related plugins) in the WordPress plugin directory and also in the whole market, as of my knowledge to date: what it does, what it adds and tweaks to the Toolbar is unprecedented. While most other Toolbar-related plugins from other authors and vendors do remove stuff or remove the whole Toolbar — Toolbar Extras actually tries to enhance and extend it. I am so glad, that thousands of users got this concept and find great joy in using it. So, I was never the only one who thought, the default Admin Bar was/ is some kind of absurdity. But no more, thanks to Toolbar Extras, haha 😉

I can only but thank you all for your trust, encouragements and your amazing feedback within the last 11 months. It was and is an incredible journey so far. Quite a few of the improvements and new features were built according to users suggestions and comments. And of course, I promise more features, settings, integrations and more improvements in the months to come to make your experience even better.

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