3rd Official Add-On Released – for Give Donations (GiveWP) πŸŽ‰

Release time again: I take pride in announcing the Add-On for Give Donations, also known as GiveWP. It’s already the third official Add-On, crazy times! 😎

This Add-On will help you speed up your management of donation campaigns (forms), and receiving donations. The quick jump links at the top of your WordPress install will save you scrolling, mouse travel and a lot of time within the Admin Dashboard and on the front end – as long as you are logged in. You can optionally even set a featured donation form as a top-level item in the Toolbar – so you have your current featured campaign always at hand, with all the data and reports for it.

Short plugin feature tour for the GiveWP Donations Add-On for Toolbar Extras (Video direct link)

This extension is perfectly suited for the Administrator and Give Manager user roles and will help those the most. The other user roles that GiveWP brings with it are supported as well – dynamically.

And on top of all that, dozens of official and third-party GiveWP Add-Ons are integrated as well, by default. Plus, you have all the other awesome smart features of the Toolbar Base plugin right at your fingertips as well. Come on and give it a try, this Add-On plugin is available for free on wordpress-dort-org Plugin Directory. You can install it like any other plugin via the plugin installer of your WordPress site.

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