These Features Help You Build Faster Be More Productive Build Sites Faster Enhancing Elementor Enhancing the Toolbar

The perfect feature set for site builders, non-techies and non-coder designers. And for developers, too.

Toolbar Extras for the Best Page Builder:


1-Click Template Creation

All Settings Links, plus Add-Ons

Toolbar Extras has extensive support for all Elementor Features beyond the live builder itself. If for listing and creating Templates or jumping to the Elementor settings pages, Toolbar Extras has you covered. Plus, it adds a galore of resource links.

Toolbar Extras supports way more Themes than "the big five" listed above. See the full list here:

Toolbar Extras supports way more Add-Ons than these ten listed above. See the full list here:

Genesis-Specific Plugins

Plugins and Add-Ons for the Genesis Framework and its Child Themes

Theme-Specific Plugins

Plugins specifically for Themes like Freelancer or OceanWP

For Local Development

Plugins that improve the local development workflow

For Managing Content

Custom Post Types for the win! Plugins for popular content types like products, downloads, media, or portfolio items

For Site-Builders

Plugins made to support the site-building process

For Developers

Plugins for code-savvy users - especially for the "Dev Mode" of Toolbar Extras

Local Development Environment

Clearly Differentiate Dev/Staging & Live Site

The Toolbar signals you in which in environment you are currently working. Never again confuse the different stages of a site. It's so convienient. - Or use the feature for whatever you want. Feel the freedom.


Tweak WordPress Behavior

Tweak other Plugin's Behavior


Though the main focus is on Site-Builders, Developers/ Coders are in no way "forgotten"! 😉

Tools for Code-savvy Admins

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