Does Toolbar Extras Replace the Admin Page Spider (Pro) Plugin?

Short answer: No, it doesn’t.

Few users already asked me if the Toolbar Extras plugin does work alongside the “Admin Page Spider” plugin and even its pro version?

The short answer is: Absolutely, both plugins work perfectly fine together.

The longer answer is: Yes, since I really love the Admin Page Spider plugin, especially its Elementor integration with the Pro Pack, I ensured my Toolbar Extras plugin is fully compatible. And of course it is out the box.

You may wonder, why Toolbar Extras has a setting under “Smart Tweaks” tab to disable the “Page Links” items (in the Site Group) from “Admin Page Spider” plugin? That is because Toolbar Extras adds the same or even more of these admin resouces items to the Toolbar as well. To avoid any conflicts or user confusion I added this option so the user can decide which one one to use.

This does in no way affect the top-level Toolbar items Admin Page Spider is adding – these work like Toolbar Extras would not exist. I work with both plugins side by side and totally love the things both of them do with the Toolbar.

And there you have it, each plugin has its own focus and purpose and in the end the user – you, the site-builder – wins! Perfect, yeah ūüėČ

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