Why the Purple Color is Used in Your Branding?

Good question, hehe 😉

The answer to that question is simple, though.
Purple was chosen as a tribute to my little daughter as purple is by far her favorite color. She is so cute and how she loves purple on everything.

Because of that, somewhat by accident I stumpled across purple when doing the first drafts of my graphics for the plugin. The rest is history. Within minutes I had the gradient blue > purple and love it ever since. So much, that I also decided to use it as a branding color for all my deckerweb WordPress Plugins.

Purple seems not so often to be used for WordPress plugin graphics. But why not? Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Of course, it does! 🙂

And, for my plugin(s), it was really not planned, as my personal fave color is blue and different shades of blue. My love for purple I discovered because of this process and because of my daughter. I find it important to feel good with your own branding and marketing. And man, I DO, yeah!