Update Policy for Supported Themes and Plugins/ Add-Ons

The general policy here is that Toolbar Extras only supports the latest versions of any supported Theme, Plugin or Add-On for a Page Builder.

The reason behind that is simple: It is just not sustainable to still support (even various) older versions as it costs too much time in development, testing and support. So, if a Theme or Plugin/ Add-On might be removing a feature, Toolbar Extras will also remove the support of this feature from the Toolbar. The same applies for added features, of course.

However, sometimes there could be exeptions from this general rule. This is the case if a supported product is very popular and has a big user base where various newer versions are still in use. An example is the Elementor Page Builder itself and the release of Elementor 2.0.x and Elementor Pro 2.0.x: the former 1.9.x branch of both plugins was (and is…) still supported.