How To Use Elementor & Elementor Pro Only with English Strings (Smart Tweak)

Since version v1.2.0 Toolbar Extras has a Smart Tweak setting to unload any translations for Elementor and Elementor Pro. That way, all strings in Elementor fall back to their default English strings (locale en_US). By default this tweak is turned off, of course.

Why could such tweak be useful?
Maybe you speak only English, no other language at all. Now you have a client with a site that is completely in French. Since this site is already live and cannot be changed back to another language, also Elementor and Elementor Pro gets translated into French! So when you are working for this client within Elementor you need the original English strings back, since you won’t understand the French ones, right?! — In that case, just turn the smart tweak in Toolbar Extras on, and you can work in English context like you are used to.

Sounds so simple – and it is! ūüėČ

Note: This tweak does only unload the translations, no strings or language files are touched. The tweak works completely independent from the site and also user locale settings in WordPress.