What are typical use cases of the GiveWP Add-On?

In general it will make your donation management with Give Donations easier and faster.

1st Example: Non-profit Organisation

  • You have a team, including 5 Donation Managers (User role: give_manager)
  • You have lots of donation form campaigns, for example 20 different active campaigns (forms)
  • Set your most important/current campaign as a featured top-level item in the Toolbar — logged in Admins & Give Managers see the current income and can access all stuff related to this specific form with 1 (ONE!) mouse click!
  • From the top-level “Donations” item: access all Donation related payments, donors, reports (filters etc.), settings, tools and Add-Ons directly from the Toolbar
  • This helps your team get more focussed, save time (less mouse travel and searching for settings…) — you gain more time for the things that really matter!
  • Focus on more on your campaigns, reports, income/earnings, payment history – because the Toolbar presents these things front and center for you

2nd Example: Private Donation Campaign

  • Landing Page, only 1 Form Campaign
  • You are the only user of this site/install, of course you are the Administrator (has all permissions anyway)
  • Set your 1 campaign as featured in the Toolbar, so you can watch your earnings each time you are logged in into your site
  • Focus on your campaign because all important info, views, reports, settings etc. are only 1 (ONE!) click away
  • Save time, get more focussed and more productive — gain more time to market your campaign for personal fundraising