Trouble Shooting Help for Update Errors

There could be an edge case that an update of Elementor or Elementor Pro is not running through completely, meaning it has not finished. When that happens there could be potential fatal errors because of then some missing code on which other plugins depend on (including Toolbar Extras).

If this happens to you, I recommend to do the following:

  • Via FTP or cPanel (or similar) go into the plugins folder /wp-content/plugins/
  • There rename the plugin folder /toolbar-extras/ to something like /toolbar-extras_off/
  • Manually upload the latest versions from Elementor and/or Elementor Pro (download from or and override the existing files)
  • Then go back into your WP-Admin Dashboard and see if everything runs ok again, including Elementor (Pro)
  • Then you can re-name Toolbar Extras folder to its original name /toolbar-extras/ and also re-activate the plugin again

Note: Re-naming the plugin folder will not delete the plugin settings. Those are safe.