Toolbar Overview – Top-Level Items and Groups

In the Toolbar Extras plugin and here on its website there are used quite a few terms specific to this Admin Bar. So I made to little overview graphics to give you a better impression and to get the whole thing visually.

What is the “Build” group? Where is the “New Content” group, Site group and all this stuff located?

1) Within the Admin – in the WordPress Dashboard:

WordPress Toolbar Admin View
WordPress Toolbar - Admin View - Top-Level Items and Groups

Admin Priorities:

  • WP Logo Group – 10
  • Site Group: 30
  • Updates: 50
  • Comments: 60
  • New Content Group: 70
  • Build Group: 71
  • Edit/View Content Item: 80
  • Right – Welcome/My Account Group: 7

2) On the Frontend – on Your Website:

WordPress Toolbar Frontend View
WordPress Toolbar - Frontend View - Top-Level Items and Groups

Frontend Priorities:

The frontend priorities are the same as on the admin side (see above), as the priorities are global, as is the Toolbar itself. Here are the additional frontend items:

  • Customize Item: 40
  • Right – Search Item: 4 –> the additional search field on the far right

3) Added Items by Toolbar Extras

Toolbar Extras currently adds only one real top-level item, that is the “Build” Group – and within Toolbar Extras wording this is labeled as the “Main Item”, if a page builder is active (registered, activated), as “Fallback Item” otherwise.

The text label for “Local Development Environment” is more or less a label only, not a real item with a link 🙂


  • Build Group: 71
  • Local Development Environment Label/Item: 200 – stacked in the right but within this group on the left side

4) Added Items by Elementor Page Builder

Elementor dynamically adds three items if needed – one for editing its supported post types (“Edit with Elementor”), one for its “Inspector” (if activated in Elementor > Tools) and one for the “Maintenance Mode” (if “On”).


  • Edit with Elementor: 200
  • Elementor Inspector: 201
  • Maintenance Mode: 300

Note: You can re-hook the “Elementor Inspector” to our own “Build” Group via a Smart Tweak setting in Toolbar Extras. This will bring you back some precious space and avoids stuffing the Toolbar with too many top-level items. It’s up to you 😉