Integration with Thrive Comments

Integration with the premium plugin “Thrive Comments” was added in version 1.4.0 of Toolbar Extras plugin.

Thrive Comments works fully with the built-in, native WordPress comments. It does not manipulate them in any way, so after deactivating the plugin anything is like before. So, with Thrive Comments you are on the safe side of things. This is one of the big advantages of this plugin.

Benefits and Advantages of Thrive Comments?

You get way better moderation tools for admins, even reports. This makes moderation and maintenance a breeze. And even more importantly, your visitors – the actual commenters – get a way better user experience as well. It has all what the native WP Comments should be by default.

Our Toolbar Integration

While our native WordPress Comments integration adds additional sub items, the Thrive Comments integration with the Toolbar is a bit different: It tweaks the comments icon – the top-level Toolbar item for the WordPress Comments – it now links to the Thrive Comments moderation queue instead of the default WordPress moderation queue. This is how it should be: if you have decided you want to use Thrive Comments then you should reach its tools first-hand. A no-brainer.

Thrive Comments integration in Toolbar Extras
Thrive Comments integration in Toolbar Extras

Additionally, there are sub items for Thrive Comments reports and settings added, as well as external resources of this plugin.

See the Video Demo of this Feature:

Important note: The Thrive Comments integration in Toolbar Extras is fully independet from the native comments integration. You can activate or deactivate the additional items of the WP Comments in the Toolbar Extras settings, the Thrive Comments will still work.