Site Toolbar Menu for Admins

This special Menu is a really nice feature of Toolbar Extras which many users really love and use for all kind of things. It is really flexible.

Please note: This thing is only aimed at Administrators and therefore only visible for logged-in users that have the role Administrator (or Super Administrator in Multisite).

A Site Toolbar Menu Example for Admins in Toolbar Extras plugin

Setup this Special Admin Menu:

The menu will be setup like any other Nav Menu for your regular site (frontend). The only difference is, that in most cases you want to use only one main item – this will then become a top-level item in the Toolbar. All other items will be sub items. Note, that more than one main item will automatically add also more top-level items in your Toolbar.

You need to assign this menu to the menu location Site Toolbar Menu in order to have it show up in the Toolbar.

Important: You need to assign your Admin Menu to the Menu Location “Site Toolbar Menu”
Menu Locations settings screen – our location “Site Toolbar Menu” is marked

More settings:

In Toolbar Extras plugin settings under Settings > Toolbar Extras > General you can even an icon for the top-level item (main item) and set the priority for the menu which effects the display more left or more on the right side in your Toolbar.

Set priority and optional custom icon