Plugin Support for “Oxygen Theme Enabler” explained

Normally, the Oxygen Builder needs no theme. Oxygen deactivates the theme and even needs no Widgets Admin page etc.

However, there can be use cases and projects where the theme is still wanted or needed. For these cases there is the “Oxygen Theme Enabler” plugin by Sridhar Katakam.

This free plugin is fully supported/ integrated with Toolbar Extras for Oxygen Builder. Here is what this integration looks like once “Oxygen Theme Enabler” is active:

  • Site Group: WP Widgets item will re-appear
  • Build Group: Instead of the “Settings Customizer” the normal Theme support is used, that means the active Theme gets hooked in, as long as it is supported in Toolbar Extras
  • “Customize” item on frontend: WP Widgets item will re-appear
  • Tweaks/ Settings: “Themes”, “Customizer” and “Theme Editor” submenus can no longer be removed from the “Appearance” admin menu (tweak gets not executed; the settings in Toolbar Extras are hidden)

Note: More info about the “Oxygen Theme Enabler” plugin and how it really works under the hood you will find at