Is Toolbar Extras compatible with ClassicPress?

ClassicPress compatible

Yes, the Toolbar Extras plugin is fully compatible with ClassicPress!

You install, activate and use the plugin just like you would in WordPress. In your ClassicPress install just go to Plugins > Add New, search for toolbar, install the plugin and activate it. Done. (Alternatively, a manual installation via .zip file upload is possible as well.)

If there might be any compatibility issues in future I am happy to solve as soon as possible. But again, Toolbar Extras is fully compatible.

Now have some classic fun with ClassicPress and your new central hub in the Toolbar (classic Admin Bar): Save some precious time in your day to day work and get more productive building amazing ClassicPress sites.

ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress since August of 2018 and was released in spring of 2019 in its first stable version branch 1.0.0.

ClassicPress more or less is the super-stable WordPress 4.9.x branch but without Gutenberg (Block Editor). The 1.x branch of ClassicPress is an LTS branch, that means Long Term Support. I will do all that is needed to make sure Toolbar Extras can be used to its full potential with ClassicPress.