Is Oxygen Builder required for this plugin?

Technically Oxygen Builder is not required.

However, without Oxygen Builder being activated this Add-On plugin (Toolbar Extras for Oxygen Builder) doesn’t make any sense at all.

I totally recommend Oxygen Builder – so, with it active, this plugin here will make the perfect sense, helping you save time, scrolling travel and getting you more productive.

Some features of this Add-On:

  • Oxygen Template links in the Toolbar
  • All Oxygen Settings (Tabs) in the Toolbar
  • Official & Community resources in the Toolbar
  • Row Action for post types –> “Edit with Oxygen”
  • Post State for post types –> “— Oxygen”
  • Enhanced “Back to WP” section within the Builder itself
  • Filter view link for “Reusable Parts” (Oxygen Templates)
  • All other general benefits & smart tweaks from Toolbar Extras, of course