What Does Support for the OceanWP Theme Mean?

The feature rich OceanWP Theme by Nicolas Lecocq is supported since the very first Toolbar Extras version.

OceanWP was first released in December of 2016 and it is one of the most popular – and feature rich – themes available for free at wordpress-dot-org. Users appreciate this flexible theme for its host of Customizer panels, sections and controls which allow for heavy customization – without any coding. For users of Page Builders like Elementor or similar, OceanWP is one of the best choices available.

OceanWP – the Free Version

The OceanWP Theme is free in its normal, “basic” version in the WordPress.org Theme Directory. It comes “bundled” with the core plugin called “Ocean Extras” which brings a theme settings panel and some more stuff. All that is fully integrated in Toolbar Extras, together with the Customizer deep links. This comes in really handy if you want set any options or want to customize your header and make a quick jump directly to the proper panel or section.

Resources for OceanWP are also added as additional items – if you have resources enabled in the Toolbar Extras settings (which is the default anyway).

OceanWP – the Free Extensions

All free available extensions for OceanWP are also supported in Toolbar Extras as long as they bring a settings page or an extra Customizer panel/ section with them.

OceanWP Premium – the Premium Extensions

Pretty much like the free extensions, also the Premium extensions are all supported in Toolbar Extras. This includes various WooCommerce extensions for example, the Hooks feature and much more. Any installed and activated extension gets well respected, so if an extension may not be active for OceanWP it won’t appear as a Toolbar item. This is how it should be, of course.

The OceanWP Ecosystem

All other plugins from OceanWP, plus third-party developers, that in one way or another are integrating with OceanWP are supported in Toolbar Extras as well. These are to date:

  • Ocean Extras
  • Ocean free Extensions
  • Ocean Premium Extensions
  • OceanWP Sticky Header
  • Header, Footer & Blocks for Elementor
  • Themer Pro
  • Extender Pro
  • Central Color Palette
  • Builder Template Categories