Is the MainWP Add-On compatible with MainWP 4.0 or higher?

Yes, since Add-On plugin version 1.1.0 it is fully compatible with MainWP 4.0 or higer: that means the WordPress Toolbar (Admin Bar) is NOW back again! And you can of course use it for this add-on plugin here!

Since MainWP 4.0 has a complete new interface design, most likely you will be missing “your WordPress”. The new MainWP Dashboard design is offering a “back link” to your WP Dasboard, though, but that makes not much sense. It feels something is missing – the missing part is some native WordPress!

And that is exactly the moment, where the MainWP Toolbar Add-On comes into the place: bringing back the Toolbar at the top. And? It works! The new MainWP 4 interface works beautifully also with the Toolbar. Who understands the MainWP developers to make such drastic changes? Who knows… Just install the MainWP Toolbar Add-On to the rescue and you are done ūüėČ