Local Development Environment

For the feature “Local Development Environment” you can use the settings from the plugin (settings tab: “For Development”) — which is the normal, recommended way. Alternatively, you can also use some Constants to define those values. For developers this can be handy in a lot of use case scenarios.

Note: These constants have a higher priority than the plugin’s settings, they will always override the setting’s values!

The following codes you can add to your wp-config.php file or a plugin like Code Snippets.
They will work fine in a local environment and on a live install, or staging or whatever.
Don’t be confused by the labeling “Local Development Environment” – this is only the default as that is main use case. Still, you can use it for whatever you want, of course ūüėČ

Define Local Development Environment Status:


Local Dev Mode is enabled – regardless of the plugin’s settings!


Local Dev Mode is disabled – regardless of the plugin’s settings!

Define Local Dev Notice Text:

define( 'TBEX_LOCAL_DEV_TEXT', 'your notice text here' );

Note: The notice text will be displayed in uppercase!

Define Local Dev Toolbar Color:

define( 'TBEX_LOCAL_DEV_COLOR', '#c56cd7' );

Note: The value for the color must be a Hex value!

Define Local Dev Viewport:

define( 'TBEX_LOCAL_DEV_VIEWPORT', '800' );

Note: The value for the viewport must be an absolute number, like 1024 or 768 or 1600. The value means that the notice text & icon for this local dev mode will only be displayed if the actual viewport has at least this width in pixels.