Can you add Listings for Pages and Elementor Pages to the Toolbar?

Some users of Toolbar Extras requested that I add a system to add regular Pages to the Toolbar and include that with the Toolbar Extras plugin. Additionally the same should be done with Pages or Post Types that are in “edited with Elementor” mode.

While I can totally relate to these requests it is not planned or possible to add these things to the Toolbar Extras plugin.

Here are the reasons why:

There is already a plugin out there which does all that and it was out long before Toolbar Extras entered the scene. This plugin is called “Admin Page Spider” and adds listings of Pages, Posts etc. to the Toolbar – at the top-level place.

This plugin also has a pro version available which is called “Admin Page Spider Pro Pack” – this version includes full Elementor support as well as search functionality for every listing it adds to the Toolbar. The pro version is very affordable. And you support an independent developer. I can only but recommend checking it out. Support the broader WordPress and Elementor community.

Both versions of the Admin Page Spider plugin are awesome and work like a charm. And the good news is: Both versions also work totally fine alongside Toolbar Extras – I use both side by side all the time.

So why will such features not be added in Toolbar Extras?

I don’t want to “clone” or “copy” these features. Admin Page Spider is GPL-licensed and I could do that but I find it unethical.
Also, it is way better to have more smaller plugins that have one purpose each and do its own job and do that job brilliantly.

Admin Page Spider relies heavily on JavaScript. I am not into JavaScript and therefore would have had a hard time maintaining such functionality.

My plugin, Toolbar Extras, and Admin Page Spider have a slightly different focus and purpose. My plugin is more about collecting quick jump links to settings pages, post type overview pages, add new pages etc., plus resources of course. It is not about listing of actual content via queries.