How does the 1-Click-Template-Creation work?

Toolbar Extras has a special feature in connection with the Elementor Page Builder:
You can create a Template and start the Elementor Live Editor (Panel) at the same time and all with only one click, directly from the Toolbar. Again, creation of a new post/ page/ template etc., setting the proper template type and starting Elementor’s live editor panel all is started and further executed with one click from the Admin Bar. Crazy.


  • Elementor has to be active;
  • the post type supports the Elementor Live Editor (“Posts” and “Pages” by default do!) – in WP-Admin see: Elementor > Settings;
  • the post type has to be integrated with Toolbar Extras special functions

So, out of the box this works for:

  • WordPress Posts
  • WordPress Pages
  • Elementor “My Templates” (Library; elementor_library)

And, any plugin (even Themes…) which is supported by Toolbar Extras:

    • which registers a post type
    • which has Elementor support enabled (you can also do that manually in Elementor Settings!)

…features 1-Click-Template-Creation as well! How cool is that? 😉
So for example, OceanWP “My Library” Templates, AnyWhere Elementor (Pro), WooCommerce Products, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), various Portfolio plugins, Astra Pro Custom Layouts, etc. all support 1-Click-Template-Creation from the Toolbar. Totally crazy, saves so much time!

And, also third-party, Elementor-compatible products like Crocoblock Subscription Service with JetThemeCore plugin and Kava Theme is fully integrated with Toolbar Extra’s 1-Click-Template-Creation: You can create one of the six template types of Jet Theme Parts directly from the Toolbar. And still, you only need one click do to this 😉

Where Are Those Links in the Toolbar?
Just have a look under these top-level items/ Toolbar groups:

  • “Build” group (added by Toolbar Extras)
  • “+ New” group (New Content group, WordPress default)

Mostly these links are labeled as “With Builder” or “Build New …” (where “…” is the singular post type name, like “Template”.

Please Note: By default (as of v1.3.0+ of Toolbar Extras) these “Create with Builder” links open in a new Browser Tab or Window. You can change this behaviour in the general settings of the plugin under: Settings > Toolbar Extras > General, and there look for the section “Links Behavior”.