What Does Support for Genesis Mean?

Genesis Logo

The Genesis Framework and its ecosystem are supported and integrated since the very first version of Toolbar Extras. I use Genesis myself since 2010 and needed this integration. And I know that thousands of Genesis users world wide are doing the same. So it was only natural to include this framework with its specialties in the plugin and the overall vision for it.

Genesis Features

Supported are the
– Genesis Themes Settings,
– SEO Settings,
– Export & Import,
– What’s New/ Upgraded page,
plus, lots of external resources – offical and by the community. For Theme and SEO settings also the variants in the Customizer are added as well. Within WP-Admin the permissions for the settings pages are also respected for their Toolbar counterparts.

Genesis Child Themes

Most of the current Child Themes that are sold and still supported are integrated by default. Most of these are official Child Themes released by StudioPress (the makers of Genesis), plus some from Third-party vendors who happen to sell their themes via StudioPress as well (Marketplace Themes). Child Theme support means, any Customizer panel/ section the Child Theme adds, is also added in Toolbar Extras as a sub item with the appropriate Customizer deep link. Also, any additional settings page that a child theme might have (very few do) is also added as a sub item. All items are added to the Toolbar within the “Build” Group.

The special Child Theme “Dynamik Website Builder” by Cobalt Apps is also supported, along with Genesis Extender, Genesis DevKit and Extender Pro from the same company. All these are premium products – which are well-respected and popular within the Genesis community.

Note: More Child Themes (official and third-party) will be added over time as long as these themes have at least one additional Customizer item by default or any other setting or content page.

Genesis-specific Plugins

The most popular and well-known Genesis plugins are supported out of the box – if those plugins come with settings pages, Customizer panels or sections or have Content Types or similar to offer. The range of plugins includes the official ones from StudioPress and those from third-party vendors as well. From my own deckerweb Plugins currently supported are: Genesis Layout Extras, Genesis Widgetized Not Found & 404, Genesis Extras Settings Transporter, and Genesis What’s New Info.

Note: New plugins from StudioPress, the community and also myself are added regularly.

Comparison to the old “Genesis Toolbar Extras” plugin:

In general, the Toolbar Extras plugin (first released in April of 2018) is a full replacement for the former “Genesis Toolbar Extras” plugin (first released in 2012). There is feature parity regarding the base Genesis functionality.

However, in 2012 Genesis and its ecosystem were a lot different than today. So a lot of the external links, some admin settings pages are no longer relevant or working. Since the architecture of the old “Genesis Toolbar Extras” is completely different an update is NOT worth it. Also, the former approach was an isolated one – which doesn’t make sense for the Toolbar as a “global” central tool. So Toolbar Extras now has a generalist approach which works way better – what also the feedback of the users clearly shows.

If you are still using it, please update to Toolbar Extras which also has way more features – beyond Genesis. The new plugin is way more useful and better in any regard. It’s finally the vision executed that was there in 2012 but now finally in way that is there and usable in day to day work.