Which additional plugin integrations will be enabled by the Dev Mode?

Currently these development-focused plugins will be integrated once the Dev Mode was enabled in Toolbar Extras:

  • Debug Elementor (free, by Rami Yushuvaev)
    Perfect for debugging Elementor templates/ pages – reveals all info otherwisen hidden under the surface; via JSON feed
  • AceIDE (free, by AceIDE)
    An awesome alternative Editor interface in WordPress
  • Instant IDE (Premium, by Cobalt Apps)
    This is like a full IDE online directly for your project – it is independent from WordPress but comes with a management plugin to make settings and updates totally easy!
  • Theme Switcha (free, by Jeff Starr)
    The best Theme switcher plugin available. It works so smoothly couldn’t believe at first try. Works with the WordPress REST-API in the background. A total clever solution, perfect for (Theme) developers.
  • WP DB Migrate (free, by Delicious Brains)
    A complex thing made easy. One of the best DB migration plugins available. Note: Support for the Pro version will come soon to Toolbar Extras as well! 🙂

Of course, any integration gets only loaded if the specific plugin is installed and activated.

More integrations will be added over time.