Which additional plugin integrations will be enabled by the Dev Mode?

Currently these development-focused plugins will be integrated once the Dev Mode was enabled in Toolbar Extras:

(free, by AceIDE)
An awesome alternative Editor interface in WordPress
(free, by BracketSpace)
Manage WP Cron events in an easy to use interface without the need to interact with wp-config.php file or any code.
(free, by Rami Yushuvaev)
Perfect for debugging Elementor templates/ pages – reveals all info otherwisen hidden under the surface; via JSON feed
(free, by WebAware)
Delete any expired Transient in an easy to use interface, wihout the need of direct Database interaction
(free, by BestWebSoft)
Monitor PHP error log file (of your server/ install), and optionally the WooCommerce log files.
(free, by Andy Fragen)
A very flexible tool: make updates possible for plugins & themes hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab. Also use it as a manual installer for items from these services. Has also support for WP Maintenance services like MainWP or ManageWP.
(Premium, by Cobalt Apps)
This is like a full IDE online directly for your project – it is independent from WordPress but comes with a management plugin to make settings and updates totally easy!
(free, by Andy Fragen)
A great helper tool to support the local development of plugins and themes: will stop updating those items, including translation files (language packs). Do your work without any "update"/ API interruption.
(free, by Andrew Nacin)
This is very useful for theme and plugin developers, as it logs a notice for every deprecated function that was used by a theme or plugin. Otherwise those notices could flip through easily.
(free, by Markus Fischbacher)
This plugin allows you to easily load and view the debug log file within the Admin Area. Could be helpful if you have no access to the file system.
(free, by Jeff Starr)
The best Theme switcher plugin available. It works so smoothly couldn’t believe at first try. Works with the WordPress REST-API in the background. A total clever solution, perfect for (Theme) developers.
(free, by David Artiss)
Clean Transients easily without direct Database interaction
(free, by Pippin Williamson)
Search and delete Transients in an easy to use interface without the need for Database interaction.
(free, by John Blackbourn & crontributors)
Manage WP Cron events in an easy to use interface without the need to interact with wp-config.php file or any code.
(free, by Delicious Brains)
A complex thing made easy. One of the best DB migration plugins available.
(Premium, by Delicious Brains)
The premium is also fully supported – also works perfectly fine with Multiste in the Network Admin
(free, by WPSynchro)
This plugin enables content and database synchronisation between two installs, like a staging and production environment.

Of course, any integration gets only loaded if the specific plugin is installed and activated.

More integrations will be added over time.