Which additional features does the Dev Mode add?

The Dev Mode is an elegant way to make some features of the Toolbar Extras plugin more optional. Some features may not be needed all the time or for all use cases. Also, this allows for some more advanced, code-savvy features to have them optionally available.

Activate Dev Mode Features

While enabled, the Dev Mode offers additional plugin integrations – these are listed here.

Plus, there are more features that become available:

  • Theme ZIP Uploader submenu under Appearance
  • Plugin ZIP Uploader submenu under Plugins
  • ID as Toolbar sub item under the Edit/View item – for all singular items, plus taxonomy terms — this way you always have the internal WordPress ID of a singular item handy
  • Toolbar sub group under the “Site Group” – it’s called “Rapid Dev” by default, could be changed via plugin settings — the following sub items will optionally appear in this “Rapid Dev” group:
    • Theme Code Editor (if not disabled otherwise)
    • Plugin Code Editor (if not disabled otherwise)
    • plugin integrations for Dev Mode
    • resources aimed at developers
  • Some developer resources here and there for some supported themes/ plugins