Dark Mode Support, including Time Settings Controls

There is an awesome free plugin called Dark Mode which adds dark mode to the WordPress Admin area. This is similar to the dark mode in the OS macOS Mojave (10.14) for example.

Easier on the Eyes

A dark interface is easier on the eyes for a lot of people when working through the nighttime or in darker environments. Therefore a dark mode should always be optional since it is not for everyone obviously. A user has to decide to use it or not. This just is the case with the WordPress Dark Mode plugin by Daniel James.

Toolbar Extras admin settings page with Dark Mode enabled
Toolbar Extras admin settings page with Dark Mode enabled

The mode and styling this plugin adds to the admin needs to be supported by plugins and themes — Toolbar Extras does that since version 1.3.0 in its Admin settings. All in all this is a welcomed addition, not only for “night owls” but for anyone who just prefers darker interfaces.

Toolbar Extras adds Time Settings Controls

Dark Mode settings in user profile
Dark Mode settings in user profile – left: mode disabled / right: mode enabled

Since version 1.4.0 of Toolbar Extras additional controls are added to the Dark Mode settings on the user profile page: enabling a time range setting and the actual fields for the time range. — What that means: now you can set your time range for the night time, for example 10 pm o’clock until 7 am o’clock in the morning. During this range the Dark Mode gets enabled automatically and disabled beyond this range. This is how it should be – if you want a nice day time/ night time switching.

Toolbar Extras always aims to help you save time and getting more productive as a WordPress Site Builder.

See the Video Demo of this Feature: