Customize the Howdy/ Welcome Item (My Account)

Since Toolbar Extras version 1.4.0 you can customize the “Howdy/Welcome” on the top right corner. This is the Toolbar item for your user account/ profile.

See the Video Demo of this Feature:

There are a some options available:

Customize or not?
Decide if you want to tweak this Toolbar item or not. By default it is disabled – so it’s like a regular WordPress install. Only if you decide to tweak things, then it will be possible.

Replace the word “Howdy”:
This will just remove this one word and you can use whatever you want instead of it. The structure of the sentence is kept, however.

Replace the “Howdy” word

Use a “Custom welcome”:
With this option you can use a completely custom string.

Completely customize the welcome item

Custom URL and link target:
Here you can set your own URL that is used to link the welcome text string. By default this points to your user profile settings within the WordPress admin. But you can use any valid URL here, and also set the link target (_self or _blank).

Optional shortcodes:
There are even optional shortcodes available – these work for both variants, when replacing the “Howdy” word, or for a fully custom welcome string. This enables you to use dynamic values:

  • Current user ID: [tbex-userid]
  • Current user email: [tbex-email]
  • Current user login name: [tbex-login]
  • Current user display name: [tbex-displayname]
  • Current user first name: [tbex-firstname]
  • Current user last name: [tbex-lastname]

Note: These shortcodes are globally available within the WordPress install as long as Toolbar Extras is activated. So you can even use them for any other scenario, in posts, pages, widget areas, in Shortcode block, wherever… 🙂