Credit where credit is due. The following code, classes and libraries were used for this plugin, all licensed under the GPL. Note: Credit is also referenced in the code doc block inline where used.

  • Class “DDWlib Plugin Installer Recommendations” (PLIR) by David Decker – DECKERWEB (GPLv2 or later)
  • Class “Persist Admin notices Dismissal” (PAnD) by Agbonghama Collins and Andy Fragen (GPLv2 or later)
  • Class “Astra Notices” by Brainstorm Force (GPLv2 or later)
  • Class “My Plugin Manager” by Theme Blvd and Jason Bobich (GPLv2 or later)
  • jQuery Plugin, JavaScript “Dashicons Picker” by Brad Vincent (GPLv2 or later)
  • Admin Settings JavaScript by StudioPress (GPLv2 or later)
  • Code for frontend Toolbar color by Daniel James (GPLv3)