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Version 1.1.1

20 Apr 2018


  • Added theme support for “Kava Theme” (free, by Zemez & Crocoblock)
  • Added plugin support for “WidgetKit for Elementor” (free, by Themesgrove)
  • Added plugin support for “Genesis Extender” (Premium, by Cobalt Apps)


  • Added new settings to plugin support for “Extra Privacy for Elementor” (free, by Marian Heddesheimer)
  • Removed “Widget” Template type from Add New items (Elementor Pro), as Widgets (Global Widgets) cannot be created that way at all (only from the Live Builder itself)
  • Updated .pot file plus all German translations (formal, informal)


  • Proper template type for “New Page Template with Builder” (Elementor Core)
  • Proper array for the tbex_filter_elementor_template_types filter
  • Changed update settings functionality & checks for the new options added in v1.1.0
  • Add Thickbox JS & CSS on settings page if needed (for video tour)

Version 1.1.0

18 Apr 2018


  • Successfully tested with Elementor Pro 2.0 final release (and many Beta versions before)
  • Successfully tested with “Laragon” app on Windows 10 – automatic detection of local sites with `.test` domain worked great
  • Added button to Video feature introduction tour on settings page welcome message
  • Added links to YouTube tutorial videos on tab “About & Support” on plugin’s settings page
  • Smart Tweak setting to re-hook “NextGen Gallery” items from the top-level to the Site Group > Galleries (off by default)
  • Smart Tweak setting to re-hook “iThemes Security” items from the top-level to the Site Group (off by default)
  • Smart Tweak setting to remove “All In One SEO Pack” items from the top-level because they have no real use at all (on by default)


  • Improved “Add new Template with Builder” for all Elementor Template Types since Elementor 2.0/ Pro 2.0 – Special Thanks to the Elementor Dev Team! 😉
  • Respect white label settings for Elementor Add-On “PowerPack Elements” (and only show if those settings were not hidden)
  • Only show “Astra Pro” white label settings if those settings were not hidden
  • Only show “Ultimate Addons for Elementor” white label settings if those settings were not hidden
  • Added Google Maps settings options for “Ultimate Addons for Elementor” (since v1.1.0 of this Add-On)
  • Extended plugin support for the “WooCommerce” plugin
  • Improved the support for re-hooking the “Smart Slider 3” plugin items
  • Improved and enhanced the “About & Support” page content
  • Improved uninstall functionality: properly delete all (site) Transients
  • Updated .pot file plus all German translations (formal, informal)
  • Enhanced, improved and corrected Readme.txt file here 🙂


  • White label name for OceanWP for Library in “New Content” Group
  • Inline documentation and typo fixes all around

New: Extended the Theme support for:

  • Page Builder Framework (free & Premium, by David Vongries & MapSteps)
  • StartWP (free, by Munir Kamal)
  • Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis (Premium, by Cobalt Apps)
  • Freelancer Framework (free, by Cobalt Apps)
  • GBeaver (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by WP Beaver World)
  • Beaver Builder Theme (Premium, by FastLine Media LLC)
  • Hestia (free, by Themeisle)
  • Tiny Hestia (Child Theme for Hestia) (free, by Themeisle)
  • Orfeo (Child Theme for Hestia) (free, by Themeisle)
  • Christmas Hestia (Child Theme for Hestia) (free, by Themeisle)

New: Extended the Plugin support for Elementor Add-Ons:

  • Premium Addons for Elementor (free, by Leap13)
  • Elements Plus! (free, by The CSSIgniter Team)
  • Elementor Custom Skin (free, by Liviu Duda)
  • Power-Ups for Elementor (free, by WpPug)
  • Press Elements (free/Premium, by Press Elements & Rami Yushuvaev)
  • JetElements (Premium, by Zemez)
  • JetMenu (Premium, by Zemez)
  • JetBlog (Premium, by Zemez)
  • JetReviews (Premium, by Zemez)
  • Total Recipe Generator for Elementor (Premium, by SaurabhSharma)
  • PT Elementor Addons Lite (free, by ParamThemes)
  • Elementor Addon Elements (free, by WebTechStreet)
  • Elementor Addons & Templates – Sizzify Lite (free, by Themeisle)
  • Orbit Fox Companion (free, by Themeisle)
  • Elementor Google Map Extended (free, by InternetCSS)

New: Extended the general Plugin support for:

  • WP Show Posts (free/Pro, by Tom Usborne)
  • StartWP Extended (free, by Munir Kamal)
  • Freelancer DevKit (Add-On) (Premium, by Cobalt Apps)
  • Themer Pro (Premium, by Cobalt Apps)
  • Extender Pro (Premium, by Cobalt Apps)
  • Envira Gallery Lite/Pro (free/Premium, by Envira Gallery Team) (including support for the Albums and NextGen Importer Add-Ons)
  • Soliloquy Sliders Lite/Pro (free/Premium, by Soliloquy Team)
  • Cherry Testimonials (free, by Zemez)
  • Cherry Team Members (free, by Zemez)
  • Cherry Services List (free, by Zemez)
  • Cherry Projects (free, by Zemez)
  • FooGallery (free, by FooPlugins)
  • MaxGalleria (free, by Max Foundry)

Version 1.0.2

5 Apr 2018


  • Added first language packs via translations platform – for German (de_DE – informal) and German Formal (de_DE_formal) – thanks to Team WordPress DE! 😉
  • Added plugin support for “Cleaner Plugin Installer”


  • Improved localization on plugin activation


  • Fallback function for main item, now with proper URL, plus slightly tweaked string text
  • Fatal error related to “Dev Mode” in Multisite context

Version 1.0.1

4 Apr 2018


  • Improved localization functions.
  • Improved Readme.txt

Version 1.0.0

3 Apr 2018

🎉 Plugin launch. Everything’s new!


  • Including support for 17 Themes/ Frameworks (which all work well with Elementor, including the Theme Builder since Pro v2.0+)
  • Including support for 19 Add-On plugins (free + Premium) for Elementor
  • Including support for 35 general useful plugins for Non-Coder site builders as well as developers
  • Including support for 10 Genesis specific plugins