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MSTBA: Version 1.1.1

5 Oct 2012


  • Corrected settings link for “Multisite Language Switcher” plugin – sorry!

MSTBA: Version 1.1.0

18 Sep 2012


  • Added CSS class suport for the Custom WP Nav Menu for Super Admins (via regular WP Menus!).

Extended plugin support:

  • Added support for “User Management Tools” (free, by scribu/AppThemes).
  • Added support for “Network Mass Email” (free, Kenny Zaron).
  • Added support for “Organizational Message Notifier” (free, Zaantar).
  • Added support for “Multisite Language Switcher” (free, Dennis Ploetner).
  • Added support for “Code Snippets” (free, by Shea Bunge).
  • Added support for “Code With WP Code Snippets” (free, by Thomas Griffin) (plugin currently in beta, [hosted at GitHub](
  • Added support for “BackWPup” (free, by Daniel Hüsken).
  • Added support for “Toolbox Modules” (free, by Sergej Müller) – see also his [plugin instructions](
  • Added support for “Relevanssi” (free) and “Relevanssi Premium” (premium) both by Mikko Saari,


  • Performance optimizing to load code for a lot of plugins only if ever needed (when activated).
  • Updated and improved readme.txt file here.
  • Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!
  • Initiated new three digits versioning, starting with this version.
  • Moved screenshots to ‘assets’ folder in SVN to reduce plugin package size.

MSTBA: Version 1.0.0

28 Aug 2012

Initial plugin release of “Multisite Toolbar Additions”


  • Including support for 4 Multisite aware plugins
  • Including support for 7 site specific plugins