Toolbar Extras version 1.4.9 update release

Version 1.4.9


  • Successfully tested with WordPress 5.3
  • Added sub items for file types (Mime Types) to the Media Library within the Site Group – for Images, PDFs, Audio, Video – this allows for really convenient filtering 😉
  • Added full support for the whole “Toolset” suite of plugins (all Premium, by OnTheGoSystems)
  • Added full support for the whole “WPML (Multilingual CMS)” suite of plugins (all Premium, by OnTheGoSystems)


  • Let “New Reusable Block” not appear in Network Admin (Multisite)
  • For “weForms” plugin support, added integration for Pro Version (Add-On)
  • For “WPForms Pro” plugin support, added integration with 2 more Pro Add-Ons; additionally added/tweaked external resources
  • For “Church Content” plugin support, moved the whole item collection to the Site Group (Manage Content), refined items, added resources as well as support for the Pro Add-On
  • For all Themes (Jubilee, Saved, Maranatha, Exodus, Resurrect) – refined support, added new items
  • For “Kadence Blocks” plugin support, greatly improved Pro version integration, including Form Blocks with saved DB entries
  • For “Genesis Design Palette Pro” plugin support, added new Block Styles item
  • For “Elegant Blocks” plugin support, added new “Clients” sub item
  • For “Stackable” plugin support, added new resource items
  • Removed “CoBlocks” plugin support as the plugin no longer has any settings or info page
  • Improved file includes and organisation for plugin support
  • For Genesis Framework support, subtle improvements for tweaked admin menus, plus more refinements
  • For Nginx Server Environments added two (optional) external resource items
  • Subtle style improvements for WordPress 5.3+ (settings page)
  • Updated bundled library DDWlib Plugin Installer Recommendations to latest version (v1.5.1)
  • Updated .pot file plus all German translations (formal, informal) and language packs


  • Avoid any fatal error on Multisite (for Dashboard widget)
  • Fixed wrong German translations (grammar, typos)
  • Numerous smaller errors, notices and code inconsistencies

New, 1.4.9: Extended the Theme support for:

  • Jubilee (Premium, by LLC)
  • Agent Focused Pro (Premium, by Marcy Diaz for Winning Agent), a Child Theme for Genesis (Note: only version 2.0.0 or higher supported!)
  • GutenBooster (free, by Onur Oztaskiran)
  • Bstone (free, by Stack Themes), including plugins: Bstone Demo Importer (free) and Bstone Light (free) (both by Stack Themes)
  • Reykjavik (free, by WebMan Design/ Oliver Juhas)
  • Primer (free, by GoDaddy)
  • Ashe (free, by WP Royal)
  • Mesmerize (free, by Extend Themes/ Horea Radu), including plugin: Mesmerize Companion (free, by Extend Themes/ Horea Radu)
  • Total (free, by Hash Themes)

New, 1.4.9: Extended the Plugin support for Elementor Add-Ons:

  • WunderWP (free, by Artbees)
  • Extensions For Elementor (free, by mayanksdudakiya)
  • Elementor Addons – Premium Elementor Addons with Templates & Blocks (free, by Oxilab/ biplob018)
  • WPHobby Addons for Elementor (free, by WPHobby)
  • JetTricks (Premium, by Zemez Jet/ Crocoblock)

New, 1.4.9: Extended the general Plugin support for:

  • Church Content Pro (Premium, by
  • weForms Pro – Professional (Add-On) (Premium, by weDevs)
  • Ivory Search (free, by Ivory Search)
  • qTranslate-XT (free, by qTranslate Community)
  • Search & Replace (free, by Inpsyde GmbH)
  • Better Search Replace (free, by Delicious Brains)
  • Borlabs Cookie (Premium, by Benjamin A. Bornschein, Borlabs)
  • AgentPress Listings (free, by StudioPress)
  • Sermon Manager for WordPress (free, by WP for Church)
  • Sermon Manager Import (free, by Kyle Hornberg)
  • Media from FTP (free, by Katsushi Kawamori)
  • WPForms Conversational Forms (Add-On) (Premium, by WPForms LLC)
  • WPForms Form Pages (Add-On) (Premium, by WPForms LLC)
  • WP Toolbelt (free, by Ben Gillbanks) – Note: This is a bloat-free Jetpack alternative!
  • Sticky Header 2020 (free, by Iulia Cazan) – Adds additional Customizer options for the “Twenty Twenty” theme

New, 1.4.9: Extended Plugin support for Block Editor Add-Ons (Gutenberg):

  • GutenBee (free, by The CSSIgniter Team)
  • Kioken Blocks (free, by Kioken Theme)
  • Potter Kit – Custom Blocks and Templates (free, by Potter LLC)
  • WPBricks Readymade Custom Gutenberg Blocks (free, by Multidots)
  • Foxdell Folio Block Editor Customiser (free, by Foxdell Folio)
  • Foxdell Folio BEC Disable Core Blocks (free, by Foxdell Folio)
  • Gutenberg (free, by Gutenberg Team)

New, 1.4.9: Toolset & WPML suites of plugins (all Premium, by OnTheGoSystems):

  • Toolset Types
  • Toolset Views
  • Toolset Forms
  • Toolset Access
  • Toolset Layouts
  • Toolset Module Manager
  • Toolset Framework Installer (Reference Sites)
  • Toolset WooCommerce Views
  • Toolset Forms Commerce
  • Toolset Advanced Export
  • Toolset Layout Migration
  • WPML Multilingual CMS
  • WPML Media
  • WPML String Translation
  • WPML Translation Management
  • WPML Sticky Links
  • WPML CMS Nav
  • WooCommerce Multingual
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