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Version 1.4.7


  • Brand new Import/ Export feature to export or import the plugin’s own settings via a .json file – including (official) Add-Ons, if these are currently active — this feature allows you to easily transfer/ migrate the plugin’s settings over to new installs or just make personal backups
  • Added group of “Website Settings” items/ sub items to the Site Group – this pretty much covers all official/ default WordPress settings pages under “Settings” – now you have handy shortcuts for those important settings (for example Permalinks) from the frontend AND the admin! 😁
  • “What Template?” feature – adds a new top-level item to the Toolbar showing you the file name of the current used Template for the currently displayed page/ document, plus template parts, relative path and Parent/ Child Theme name — Note: currently this can only be enabled with Dev Mode active and add_theme_support( 'tbex-show-current-template' ); added via Code Snippet or your (Child) Theme’s functions.php (in a next plugin major version this gets even better settings integration, yeah!)


  • For “Release Notes” under WordPress About (Logo) item, added logic to completely exclude alpha, beta and RC versions; added ClassicPress compat
  • For “Elementor” Core plugin support, added new resource item (Developer Blog)
  • For “Astra” theme support, added full compatibility with Astra 2.0+, including for the Pro Add-On – the Astra 1.x versions are still supported as well 🙂
  • For “JetEngine” plugin support, added new items since plugin version 2.0.0 or higher, and refined some existing ones; plus more improvements
  • For “HappyForms” plugin support, tweaked existing items, added support for Pro version, plus “Builder Template Categories” integration
  • For “Rank Math SEO” plugin support, added WooCommerce items, plus, far better module detection logic
  • For “ToolKit for Elementor” plugin support, re-positioned New Content item
  • For “Block Lab” plugin support, added new “Settings” item, plus lots more external resources
  • For “Element Pack” plugin support, implemented support for brand new lite version of this plugin, plus, added changelog items
  • Refined support for all “Twenty” default themes, especially for the Customizer deep links
  • Subtle improvements to our Elementor Finder integration
  • Migrated almost all our styles to proper enqueuing and/or the usage of wp_add_inline_style() – this is our first part of styling improvements throughout the plugin
  • Some globally used functions (within the plugin) and files were re-organized for better maintenance
  • On settings page implemented better semantic markup, as recommended for WP 5.2+
  • Improved internal resources for Add-Ons; added lots of new helper functions
  • Updated bundled library DDWlib Plugin Installer Recommendations to latest version (v1.4.2) – code improvements, fixes
  • Updated .pot file plus all German translations (formal, informal) and language packs
  • Added new screenshots for the newly added features


  • Fixed styling of color picker container, plus Dashicons appearance in our help tabs and other occurrences – all caused by changes in WP 5.2.3+
  • Fixed wrong function name for “Duplicator Pro” plugin support
  • Fixed notices for “Login Designer” plugin support

New, 1.4.7: Extended the Theme support for:

  • Twenty Twenty (free, by the team) – Note: the new default theme for 2020 and WordPress 5.3+
  • Neve (free, by ThemeIsle), including plugins: Neve Pro Addon (Premium) and Neve Hooks (free) (both by ThemeIsle)
  • Zakra (free, by ThemeGrill), including plugin ThemeGrill Demo Importer (free) (both by ThemeGrill)
  • Responsive (free), including plugin Responsive Add Ons (free) (both by CyberChimps)
  • Airi (free, by athemes)

New, 1.4.7: Extended the Plugin support for Elementor Add-Ons:

  • MetForm (free, by WpMet) – Form Builder for Elementor
  • Element Pack Lite (free, by BdThemes)
  • Elements Kit Lite/Pro (free/Premium, by WpMet)
  • HT Builder (free, by HasThemes/ HT Plugins)
  • HT Builder Pro (Premium, by HasThemes/ HT Plugins)
  • The Pack Addons (Premium, by XLDevelopment/ Web Angon/ Ashraf)

New, 1.4.7: Extended the general Plugin support for:

  • HappyForms Pro (Premium, by The Theme Foundry)
  • SEO for WooCommerce (free, by Rank Math)
  • Flo Forms (free, by Flothemes)
  • WP Crontrol (free, by John Blackbourn & crontributors) – for Dev Mode
  • Advanced Cron Manager (free, by BracketSpace) – for Dev Mode

New, 1.4.7: Extended Plugin support for Block Editor Add-Ons (Gutenberg):

  • Block Areas (free, by The WP Rig Contributors)
  • BlockyPage Gutenberg Blocks (free, by BlockyPage Team)
  • Gutentor (free, by Gutentor)
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