Version 1.3.0


  • General setting to set link target for “Create with Builder” links (add new templates…) – by default this is now set to _blank (means new browser tab/ window)
  • Added Customizer link for “Edit” and “View” singular posts for any public post – also a new General setting included to display those links or not (on by default)
  • Build own Theme upload “tab” that can be linked to on its own (uses WordPress Core render function for the upload feature itself!) – see Toolbar under: + New > Install Theme > Upload ZIP file
  • Smart Tweak setting to remove “Media” from New Content group (to gain more space there) (off by default)
  • Added full support for Crocoblock Subscription Service (Premium, by Zemez) – including Kava Pro, Kava free, plus all Jet Plugins with settings pages – this also includes 1-Click template creation for Jet Theme Parts (via JetThemeCore)
  • Successfully tested with “Dark Mode” (free, by Daniel T. James) plugin – which may land in WordPress Core soon… 🙂 – all CSS styles that Toolbar Extras adds are fully compatible


  • On plugin’s settings page/ tabs added visual separation of settings sections (horizontal lines)
  • All Customizer deep links that customize the Blog archive/page of a site now use the set Blog URL as the preview URL/page within the Customizer – this applies to all supported themes that have such Customizer panel, section or control
  • Added new plugin “Home Page Banner for Astra Theme” (free, by Brainstorm Force) to Astra Theme support (Customizer deep link)
  • Added new plugin “Ocean Stick Anything” (free, by OceanWP) to OceanWP Theme support (settings link)
  • Added “Integrations” settings to OceanWP theme support
  • Added new official OceanWP Premium Add-On “Cookie Notice” to OceanWP theme support (Customizer deep link)
  • Added new “WooCommerce” integration to “Page Builder Framework” Theme support
  • Added new Elementor developer resource
  • Added new resource for supported Theme “Page Builder Framework”
  • Improved plugin support for “Local Development” plugin (free, by Andy Fragen)
  • Improved plugin support for “Revolution for Elementor Premium” plugin (Premium, by Jan Thielemann)
  • Styling improvement for resources in Dev Mode
  • Started a process to reduce the amount of strings: further re-use of strings where possible; reducing the amount of unique strings from supported plugins and themes
  • Updated .pot file plus all German translations (formal, informal)


  • Proper template type for “Create with Builder” URL for adding new “Single” template (Elementor Pro)
  • Proper Link title labels for “White Label Branding for Elementor” plugin support

New: Extended the Theme support for:

  • Kava Pro (Premium, by Zemez/ Crocoblock) – including the “Kava Extra” plugin
  • Phlox (free, by averta) – including the free Add-Ons “Phlox Core Elements” and “Phlox Portfolio”
  • Buildwall (Premium, by Zemez)
  • Resurrect (Premium, by LLC)
  • Exodus (Premium, by LLC)
  • Saved (Premium, by LLC)
  • Maranatha (Premium, by LLC)
  • Risen (Premium, by Steven Gliebe/ LLC) – Note: legacy theme!
  • AgentPress Pro (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by StudioPress)
  • Altitude Pro (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by StudioPress)
  • Author Pro (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by StudioPress)
  • Daily Dish Pro (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by StudioPress)
  • Infinity Pro (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by StudioPress)
  • Magazine Pro (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by StudioPress)
  • Parallax Pro (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by StudioPress)
  • Wellness Pro (Child Theme for Genesis) (Premium, by StudioPress)

New: Extended the Plugin support for Elementor Add-Ons:

  • JetThemeCore (Premium, by Zemez/ Crocoblock)
  • Briefcase Elementor Widgets (Premium, by BriefcaseWP)
  • Kadence WooCommerce Elementor (free, by Kadence WP)
  • Kadence WooCommerce Elementor Pro (Premium, by Kadence WP)
  • Elementor Google Map Extended Pro (Premium, by InternetCSS)

New: Extended the general Plugin support for:

  • Kava Extra (Premium, by Zemez/ Crocoblock)
  • Jet Data Importer (Premium, by Zemez/ Crocoblock)
  • Jet Plugins Wizard (Premium, by Zemez/ Crocoblock)
  • Home Page Banner for Astra Theme (free, by Brainstorm Force)
  • OceanWP Sticky Header (free, by Oren Hahiashvili)
  • Front Page Builder (free, by Themes4WP)
  • Customify Pro Add-On (Premium, by PressMaximum)
  • Phlox Core Elements Add-On (free, by averta)
  • Phlox Portfolio Add-On (free, by averta)
  • Church Content (free, by LLC)
  • GP Social Share (free, by Jon Mather)
  • GP Back To Top (free, by Mai Dong Giang (Peter Mai))
  • Ocean Stick Anything (free, by OceanWP)
  • Cherry Data Importer (Premium, by Zemez)
  • Cherry Plugins Wizard (Premium, by Zemez)
  • Display Featured Image for Genesis (free, by Robin Cornett)
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