MSTBA: Version 1.7.0


  • Highly improved “Nav Menu” support, all editable menus are now listed as sub level items for “Menus” entry. (Could be disabled via constant if needed.)
  • As per user request I added an additional restricted Site Administrators toolbar menu. This is only effective in Multisite installs. Those menus can only be setup & edited via WP Nav Menus by Super Administrators – but then they are visible for administrator user roles (`edit_theme_options` capability).
  • For Multisite, under “Plugins” added “Network Plugins” admin link for sub site admin areas – handy link to network wide plugins page.
  • For Multisite, under “Themes” added “Network Theme Editor” admin link (respects all Editor disable stuff, hehe! 🙂 for sub site admin areas – handy link to theme editor if needed.
  • Added new logic to prevent other users than super admins from editing those custom (nav) menus that are used within the Toolbar.


  • Removed all CSS that was added in v1.5.0 — it was annoying and should not longer be there for WordPress 3.8 or higher. I guess this is finally for the better! 🙂
  • Fixed double appearance of “Themes” and “Plugins” in Network Admin sublevel – now fixed for all instances :).
  • Improved modular structure of the plugin for better maintenance and performance.
  • Code and documentation tweaks and improvements.
  • Extended and improved readme.txt file here.
  • Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!

Extended plugin support:

  • Added support for “Stream” (free, by X-Team).
  • Added support for “Snitch” (free, by Sergej Müller).
  • Added support for “WPMS Admin Reports” (free, by Joe Motacek).
  • Updated and improved support for these plugins: “WP Migrate DB Pro”.
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