MSTBA: Version 1.4.0


  • Added filter for hook priority for the custom nav menu for super admins — this allows you to change the position of your custom nav menu (try values between 1 and 100…, see FAQ for more info…).
  • For Sub Sites or non-Multisite installs, added links for Widgets, Nav Menus, Theme Customizer, appropriate for backend/ frontend, based on default toolbar items.
  • Added “+ New” (new content) section for the Network admin area, that contains only Network specific items for super admins, plus a few items from our supported plugins.
  • Added “Plugins” items to non-Multisite installs to jump faster into plugins section.
  • For Sub Sites or non-Multisite installs, replaced “View Site” item within “/wp-admin/” with our own iteration, allowing for smarter (own) translations, and better adding of sub level items.
  • Added external links to “Pingdom” and “Google Page Speed” tests as sub level items for “View Site” (see before).
  • Added minor CSS rule for group items if [“MP6” plugin( is active (note, will be the future of ‘/wp-admin/’ styling!).

Extended plugin support:

  • Added support for “Smart Options Optimizer” (premium, by Smart Plugins/ Milan Petrovic).
  • Added support for “Simple System Info” (premium, by Smart Plugins/ Milan Petrovic).
  • Added support for “Hide My WP” (premium, by Hassan Jahangiri).
  • Added support for “Widget Settings Importer/Exporter” (free, by Kevin Langley, Sean McCafferty, Mark Parolisi).
  • Added support for “Tabify Edit Screen” (free, by Marko Heijnen).
  • Added support for “Restrict Widgets” (free, by Digital Factory).
  • Added support for “P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)” (free, by
  • Added support for “Blog Copier” (free, by Modern Tribe, Inc.).
  • Added support for “NS Cloner – Site Copier” (free, by Never Settle).
  • Added support for “NS Cloner Pro” (premium, by Never Settle).
  • Added support for “Codestyling Localization” (free, by Heiko Rabe).
  • Added support for “WP Migrate DB” (free, by Brad Touesnard).
  • Added support for “WP Migrate DB Pro” (premium, by Delicious Brains (Brad Touesnard & Chris Aprea)).
  • Added support for “Multisite Robots.txt Manager” (free, by tribalNerd).
  • Added support for “WordPress MU Domain Mapping” (free, by Donncha O Caoimh, Ron Rennick, Automatic Inc.).
  • Added support for “Go Sidebar Wizard” (premium, by Granth).


  • Updated and improved support for these plugins: “Code Snippets”, “Snapshot”, “BackWPup”, “WP-Piwik”, “Smart Cleanup Tools”, “Smart Admin Tweaks”.
  • A few minor tweaks to further improve loading/ performance.
  • Some code/ documentation updates & improvements.
  • Added new FAQ items here in the readme.txt file.
  • Improved/ extended readme.txt file here.
  • Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!