Big Feature Release: Plugin Version 1.1.0 is out

After the launch of Toolbar Extras plugin on (and Repo before), this is now the first new major version, v1.1.0.

Finally, the plugin could be tested in local Windows 10 environment with the Laragon App (which runs only on Windows): it worked great out of the box, the local test install – running with a .test domain – was detected, the Toolbar was colored. More succesfull testing went on with Elementor’s 2.0 release(s) as well as the 2.0 branch of their Pro Version. Here a few tweaks were set to make the 1-Click-Template creation links in the Toolbar working again: now you can start the Elementor Live Editor and create a new template, all with only one click! This is really cool and saves a lot of time and jumping back and forth. Thanks to the Elementor Development team for helping out on the tweaks with the new template types!

Beyond a lot of other smaller tweaks, fixes and translation updates, the White Label support for Astra, OceanWP and Ultimate Addons could be greatly improved. For the PowerPack Elements Add-On it was just added ;-).

As you can see in the changelog, one main focus was on extending the support for Themes, Elementor Add-Ons and general plugins. Most of these were already ready but had to wait to get the plugin out on

So, now Toolbar Extras supports all major popular Themes and Plugins that play well with Elementor. This is a huge step forward for all site-builders as now the full ecosystem in its first iteration is in place how I visioned it out many weeks ago. The most important Themes added in v1.1.0 are the Page Builder Framwork, including its Premium Add-On plugin, then the Dynamik Website Builder, a special child theme for Genesis. Freelancer Framework is a new free Theme also by Cobalt Apps, which is very clean and lightweight but supports all popular Page Builders of course. StartWP is a special free theme, available for free on the perfectly laid out Customizer options feel like a Page Builder and are so easy to use. This approach currently is absolutely unique and should be the role model for any other theme to be released or updated. Seriously, yeah!

For the Elementor-specific Add-Ons, I added the family of Jet Plugins by Zemez, with JetElements, JetMenu and JetBlog leading the pack here. Zemez is an agile company hailing from Ukraine and doing awesome work lately, especially for all things Elementor related. Beyond that, a lot of other Widget/ Elements packed Add-Ons were added for plugin support.

On the more general side of plugins I added the Cherry content plugins, also by Zemez (few of them feature native Elementor support!), plus other Media-specific plugins like Envira Gallery, Soliloquy, FooGallery and MaxGalleria.

Another “special” are the plugins by Cobalt Apps, a WordPress development company specializing in helpful tools for Site-Builders, Child Theme Developers and Non-Techies working with Page Builders. So, full support for their awesome Themer Pro and Extender Pro plugins was added. Their new kid on the block, Freelancer DevKit is a special one, and that was added as well.

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