Add-Ons for Toolbar Extras

Extend the feature set of Toolbar Extras with official, supported and recommended add-on extension plugins

The official Add-Ons I developed to extend the feature set of the main base plugin:

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Other plugins from me and third-party authors which perfectly fit with Toolbar Extras and where both plugins support each other:

Dark Mode plugin banner

Dark Mode

Use the WordPress Admin Dashboard with a dark mode. This is easier on the eyes for a lot of users, especially when working during night times.

Genesis Layout Extras

For Genesis powered Sites: Allows modifying of default layouts for homepage, various archives, taxonomies, post types, attachment, search, 404 pages.
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These are plugins from third-party developers I can strongly recommend because they fit with Toolbar Extras, extend the functionality and user experience, plus, they are supported on the behalf of Toolbar Extras. Enjoy:

Thrive Comments plugin banner

Thrive Comments

The Hidden Power of Thrive Comments - Turn the Most Overlooked Feature on Your Website Into Your Most Valuable Asset - Change the Experience for Your Visitor.
Code Snippets plugin banner

Code Snippets

An easy, clean and simple way to run code snippets on your site. — The perfect alternative to fiddling with a functions.php or even a child theme.
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