David Decker

Specialist for more Joy with WordPress

Coming from Chemnitz, Germany and working with WordPress since 2006. Absolutely likes the Toolbar in WordPress and cannot live without it. Already coded ten (10!) Toolbar plugins for WordPress and "Toolbar Extras" being the latest and greatest of them. When not building sites with Elementor he loves to hang out with his family.

My Plugin Story

When I was building a lot of sites over the last ten years I had the need for a Toolbar helper plugin where all essential links would be easily accessible and there when I need them. So, I built this plugin to scratch my own itch. The first code was written in 2012 and relased as »Multisite Toolbar Additions«. That plugin matured during the next two years and was used on all my install as a foundation.

In 2017 I discovered the Elementor Page Builder and immediately fell in love with this tool. Over the months it was more than clear I needed to update or completely rebuild my favorite plugin to work perfectly with my Elementor site building process. Of course, I opted for the latter way.

So, based on that proven foundation »Toolbar Extras« was born in February and March of 2018 after lots of coding days, sleepless nights and way too much coffee. All my passion and my experience went into it to make an awesome little helper tool for us Site Builders out there. I hope you find it as useful and like it as much as I do. Happy site building, yeah!

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